I recently got my hands on a Soundings Trade Only Aug. 19th newsletter for Boat Dealers.  It stated that Florida ranks highest among all 5O states in the number of boat thefts. Tampa only second to Miami. I guess I wasn’t surprised since Florida has the best weather to provide boaters with the luxury of boating year round. A woman in Tampa had her boat stolen right out of her drive way one night and her bedroom window was right next to it. She never heard a thing. She had a tire boot she normally protected her boat with but that evening didn’t apply it. I guess the security system you’re using is only as good if you use it. For all these boats I see parked in driveways up and down the streets it would be so easy to just drive up, hook that trailer to a vehicle and take off. These thieves are professionals.  Don’t think for one minute they aren’t waiting for Human error to get their hands on your valuables.

Individual boat owners are not the only targets. Boat Dealers are as well. These dealers think that security camera is going to protect them, well not if someone paintballs it out. Even then, have you seen the grainy visuals in the footage of those things? What if they are wearing masks? Where does that get you? A Dealer experienced just that, however now that Tattletale has come to the rescue he can rest assure his assets will be protected.

We are so excited to be doing our first Trade Show at the Tampa Convention Center Oct. 2-4, 2015. This will enable us to enlighten all the Dealers and Attendees of a more secure means of protecting their boats. See you there!