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We are committed to creating a safer and more secure workplace through the responsible use of information. 

All of our business practices are FCRA compliant.

Our web-based ordering and retrieval system ensures the complete security of your data with dual redundancy servers and dual firewall protection. Whether you need to quickly pre-screen candidates or conduct in-depth background research, our services will enable you to make hiring decisions rapidly and with confidence.

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eGuarded gives you a 100% accurate picture of the whole applicant, with no missing information that could lead to problems months and years down the line

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Employment screening helps corporations and businesses of all sizes save time and money during their hiring and recruitment process. Employment Screening will:

  • Help protect your company from negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Provide a safe working environment for your employees and your customers
  • Reduce workplace violence and accidents, which will reduce worker compensation claims
  • Attracting higher caliber applicants
  • Discourage applicants with criminal records from applying to your company
  • Decrease employee turnover and hiring/training costs

Finding a Reliable Company to Perform a Criminal Background Screening

Many companies offer criminal background screening, and each company will fit your individual needs. Therefore, researching the right company is an important step.

It is a good idea to research what sources they use to ensure you’ll receive the information you’re seeking. The National Association of Professional Background Screeners began an accreditation program for background check companies. Under the procedure of being accredited, companies must take part in auditing to show their security and reliability. Being informed of your company will verify the reliability of your background screening.

About us

Understanding Criminal Background Checks

What is Background Screening?

Criminal background screening is a term used to describe the process of searching and compiling criminal records, commercial records, and financial records of an individual.

However, a criminal background screening does not follow the same procedure as a general background screening. Criminal background screenings will exclusively outline someone’s criminal background, however other important information such as educational history is left in the dark.

What Information Will a Criminal Background Screening Provide?

There are various types of background screenings that can be performed on an individual depending on what you’d like to learn. Due to this, you will be able to specify what you’re searching for.

Information released through a criminal background screening often includes but is not limited to…

  • Name and known aliases
  • Felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions
  • Pending criminal cases
  • Presence on any sex offender registries

What is Procedure for a Criminal Background Screening?

To perform a criminal background screening, you will need a variety of information given with consent from the individual. This usually includes a name, a birthday, driver’s license number, or address. The necessary information can vary. Although it is possible to conduct a background check by yourself, it is recommended to send your acquired information to a trustworthy company. From there, they will be able to run your information through their database and report the results back in a timely manner.

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