Business Alarm System

Secure your business property, assets and belongings with a portable alarm system.

Personal Alarm System

Personal alarm systems that secure what and where you need security.

Employment Screening

Avoid fraud and identity theft. Screen employees.

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“I flip houses for a living in California. This product surpassed my expectations! No false alarms, easy set up.”

Marie W.

Real Estate, Property Manager

I have had 2 other alarm systems in the past 15 years and this is the best. It is easy to learn and the size is very convenient. Great automatic clock.

Kim N.


Fun and Games? Maybe “NOT!”

Pokémon GO hit the streets July 8th with over 54 million downloads. I personally haven’t participated, I’m not saying I won’t. But chances are I won’t. Some strange things are happening out there and if you’re playing you need to be aware. For instance, a Florida man...

Lawn, Farm and Construction Equipment

  What do these three things have in common? Theft and it isn’t going away. With summer in full swing all around the US, landscaping has picked up immensely and that makes lawn care equipment a hot commodity. Read this news article for just one such incident from...

Home Invasion

What would you do if this were you?  Neighborhood homes being broken into in the middle of the night while the victims are home and asleep.  What if that unfortunate person or their child woke up unexpectedly and found themselves face to face with the intruder?...

Blue Book Showcase Success!

And the winner is (drum roll please###########) …………… Congratulations to Rick Hall from All Metal-Fab for winning our drawing on a “FREE” Tattletale Security System. When I presented this system to him he admitted the only thing he ever won before was a skate board...

Protect Yourself from “Squatters”

I recently attended a trade show and found myself dumb founded while speaking to couple of realtors about “SQUATTERS”!  As a realtor or new home builder, Tattletale would be the perfect tool to offer clients and new residential home owners as a means of protecting...