URGENT – Employers’ Vaccine Mandate Advisory

The law office of Boy Agnew Potanovic Miller (BAPM) has published an advisory (Information re: OSHA ETS (mailchi.mp) on the upcoming OSHA ETS vaccine mandates for private employers with 100+ employees. We strongly urge you to read and discuss the information with your managers, HR Directors, and decision-makers within your organization. It should be noted that the advisory is focused on employers within the State of Florida and how Florida State law may or may not impact the Federal mandates.

BAPM also provided links for employers to download templates for creating policy as required by OSHA ETS. The templates are free of charge and can be downloaded either as a WORD or PDF file for editing purposes.

Please take time to utilize this resource considering employers really don’t know what the US Supreme Court will rule once the case is heard on January 7th.

If you are having difficulty downloading any of the files, please do not hesitate to call eGuarded, LLC at 855-348-2736 and we will assist you.