What do all of these things have in common? Yes, a Steve Martin and John Candy movie, as well as forms of transportation. What does a tow truck, semi-trailer and a boat have in common?  Yes, forms of transportation too but also property that was recently stolen in Hillsborough county. These high ticket items are perfect targets for thieves. I recently talked to the victims of these thefts. They took some precautionary measures but it wasn’t enough. Surveillance camera pictures just don’t cut it, if you ask me, these pictures are souvenirs the thieves leave for the victims. Take a look for yourself.

Caught on CameraCriminals are getting smarter and smarter every day. Trust me, they know you have cameras and they either avoid them or disguise themselves from being caught on camera.  First of all, who is going to be able to identify any of these suspects? Secondly, who is going to see these pictures? Do you know where to look?

Wouldn’t it be better to protect yourself before you get a souvenir snap shot of someone already on your property stealing your things?  With Tattletale, these thefts could have been prevented.  In one case the chain that locked the gate was cut, the Tattletale loop could have been in place, therefore a cut or attempt to dismantle it would have notified the owner and authorities immediately.  Don’t be left with an awful snapshot of a crime against you, protect Anything, Anywhere, Anytime with Tattletale.