Remember there are criminals among us no matter where we are.  Whether you’re running from store to store trying to pick up the perfect Holiday gift or just managing your daily routine.  We at eGuarded recommend you be cognizant of your surroundings. Unfortunately, mostly women fall victim to these crimes as far as battery and sexual assault. Take a look at this local article where a Fort Myers woman was sexually assaulted and beaten. Keep in mind that not only does Florida’s mild weather attract a plethora of tourists but also a large number of transients.

So eGuarded is here to protect you with Taser and Stun guns. In the state of Florida Taser and Stun guns are legal and can be carried with you when it comes to protecting yourself. Although, since these laws vary from state to state you won’t find these on our shop online store, you’ll need to contact us toll free at 1.855.348.2736. Don’t be a victim, protect yourself.

Report on local attack: