Burglaries happen every day. Homes without security systems are much more susceptible to break-ins than those with security. Why not invest in the gift of safety and security for your loved ones this holiday’s season? I did.

The perfect gift. My niece and her husband are moving into their first home the week of Christmas. The new place doesn’t have a security system. This will be ideal, a housewarming and Christmas gift all wrapped into one.  She showed me pictures of her new place over Thanksgiving dinner. I was able to calculate exactly what she needed. The Tattletale portable wireless base unit will go beautifully in the open foyer which leads into the living room. That base will cover 30 ft. out at a 90 degree angle.  Two doors, 6 windows, a glass breaker and smoke alarm. I’m so pleased not only was this affordable but as they grow and progress to a larger home they can simply take it with them. I feel really good about this minimal investment to take care of someone I really love. Wouldn’t you?