Here’s a perfect example as to why. Read the NBC-2 News article.   When it comes to protecting your brand and your business, why would you not do a thorough background screening search on your applicants?

In this case I am curious as to why the company that employed this individual was not mentioned in the article. Personally, if I lived in Naples I would want to know what business did not do their due diligence in protecting me and my property. Had this company performed a state and or nationwide search on this person, the search would have identified that this individual who was working in Collier County had an active charge for drugs against him in neighboring Lee County. You and I both know it’s not uncommon for a person to reside in one county and work in another. As in most cases this unfortunate situation could have been avoided by utilizing a professional background screening company. Remember when you have a service being performed in your home or business be sure to ask that important question, “Do you background screen your employees? “ If so, “How and from where?” It’s your right to know.

Would you want your business to make these disturbing headlines? Of course not!  Do what you need to do and background screen your new hires appropriately. If you have any questions we are always here to help.