Gun Control is a hot topic in the news and a controversial political topic.

  • Could it be because of the pending elections for a new president?
  • Could it be because there is an alarming rate of shootings in our schools and other public places?
  • Could it be because children have unintentional access to their parents’ guns because the proper storage is being ignored?

Years ago, these issues were only a “blip” in our society. Today, it is a national discussion.

There are easy, safe and inexpensive solutions to the securing of firearms in our homes and other places.

Tattletale – a wireless and portable alarm system offers features that enables you to create a “Hot Spot” on your gun safe, vault or other secure areas where guns should be stored.

When a Tattletale is deployed at your home or office, not only does it offer sensors that detect motion, opening of windows and doors, breaking glass or other types of forced entry, you can also create a “Hot Spot” sensor that detects the tampering or opening or your gun safe even though the other sensors have been deactivated.

Imagine being home during a weekend and you are doing yard work while your children play with their friends inside your home. Ordinarily, your alarm system would be turned off. Tattletale – however – can still be actively sensing the opening of your safe, vault or even a cabinet door. When the “Hot Spot” detects activity, the base unit activates a very loud sound and a very bright strobe light, as well as, a nearly instantaneous alert on your mobile device.

Secure your firearms safely – but – also add additional security that will activate the alarm notification system before anyone is able to gain access to your guns. Deploy a Tattletale Wireless – and Portable – Alarm System Today!