Even though you aren’t hearing much in the news these days about job site construction theft, that doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. Politics, murder and guns take precedence over construction theft.  Did you know that 92% of construction sites experience theft regularly?  That is a staggering figure.  Construction job site theft is still over a billion dollar industry in the United States alone and growing at a rate of 10% annually.

One foolproof way of protecting your job site and assets is with a Tattletale.  Tattletale is an unconventional, robust, Verizon 3G wireless cell-burst technology, portable, security system that was built with the construction industry in mind.  Built to handle the heavy wear and tear contractors demonstrate on their equipment.

  • Tattletale works off of an electrical outlet or from a deep cycle battery when electricity isn’t available.
  • Tattletale goes with the Contractor from site to site. No hardwiring.
  • Tattletale has the capability of monitoring 500 devices within a half a mile from the Tattletale base unit i.e. Indoor and Outdoor Motion Detector, Glass Breaker, Door/Window Sensor, Water Detector and more
  • Tattletales “Rattler” magnetically attaches to trailers or heavy duty equipment. The Rattler has a unique design with a gyro sensor built in, if the Rattler is moved 6 degrees in any direction the system is alerted.
  • The “Border Guard” acts as an electronic perimeter around your complete site and can be moved from one spot to another. You can determine daily what you want protected.
  • Tattletale can be armed and unarmed remotely from your mobile device.
  • Should a break in occur, the system automatically notifies the designated individuals via text and email of the breach.


While most construction sites still rely on video as a means of protection, here’s a question I have to ask.  “Can you identify these individuals that were captured on video surveillance?”

4 unknown suspectsMasked Thief

Of course not. Crooks are getting savvier about being caught on film and taking every precaution not to.  Tattletale is not a surveillance system. It is designed with one purpose in mind and that is the prevention of theft, not the monitoring of the after effects.

Nuclear power plants, electrical substations and the U.S. Constitution rely on Tattletales patented cell-burst technology and tamperproof design to protect what matters most.

There is nothing on the market like it.   Protect Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!