So many thieves are risking their own lives and the safety of others by looking for ways to steal copper.

Earlier this week thieves made off with 2,000 feet of copper from the Adams Mine.  A suspect is in custody in Bridgeton, Missouri for causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage by destroying 15 out of 17 roof top air conditioners on the roof of a strip center.

In Chevy Chase, Maryland a bold intruder tried removing a copper rain gutter while the residents were still at home.  You can see as indicated in the article this is not a new phenomenon, it’s like an epidemic sweeping the nation.

The saddest story of all is about a young man who was electrocuted in his attempt to steal copper from an electrical substation.  This young man may have to spend the next two years in the hospital to tend to his injuries. Authorities are hoping other thieves will view this young man and the injuries he incurred as a deterrent against committing these types of crimes.  Not only did this young man put himself at risk, but also put the community and the lives of others at risk.

One thing we, as a community, can do is be on the lookout for suspicious individuals dismantling air conditioners.  Another sure fire preventative is to paint any copper black.  Or, if you have an area that contains quite a bit of copper, a security system may be in order to alert you of intrusions.

Criminals will go to great lengths to get copper so be sure to do what you can to protect it.