And the winner is (drum roll please###########) …………… Congratulations to Rick Hall from All Metal-Fab for winning our drawing on a “FREE” Tattletale Security System.

Blue Book Showcase Winner

Congratulations Rick!

When I presented this system to him he admitted the only thing he ever won before was a skate board from a 5 and dime years ago. Well Rick, since that skateboard could have hurt you I’m pleased to provide you with something that is going to protect you.  Rick has an incredible metal fabrication business and does a great job. See him pictured here with a metal fish that is actually a bike rack that he created for a client.  Congratulations again Rick!

The Blue Book Network Showcase was an absolute SUCCESS! We not only had the pleasure of meeting these attendees but on a high point we were able to uncover and provide solutions that quite a few businesses and their employees have to deal with on a day to day basis.

These are some of the highlights of interest at our booth if you weren’t able to stop.

 How we HELPED!

  • Background Screening was a definite given, especially if businesses were transferring to take on new opportunities and new hires in other territories.
  • Financing capabilities that can be taken on within your business through credit card processing payment programs.
  • A Time Clock System that enables a business to have remote employees clock in and out via a smart phone, tablet or a computer. Another added benefit is this can clock the hours it takes to process the job.
  • An Invoicing billing presentment application that can be sent from a Smart phone to a client’s email address and can be paid by the recipient immediately upon receipt.

Tattletale was by far our biggest SUCCESS!

  • Tattletale is an unconventional robust, Verizon 3G radio, wireless cell-burst technology, portable, security system that was built with the construction industry in mind. Built to handle the heavy duty wear and tear contractors demonstrate on their equipment.
  • Tattletale has the capability of monitoring 500 devices within a half a mile from the Tattletale base unit, devices such as Indoor and Outdoor Motion Detectors, Glass Breaker, Door/Window Sensors, Water Detector and more
  • The Loop replaces a conventional chain and lock to secure a gate. Once the Loop is cut or dismantled it sets off the alarm.
  • Tattletales “Rattler” magnetically attaches to trailers or heavy duty equipment. The Rattler has a unique design with a gyro sensor built in, if the Rattler is moved 6 degrees in any direction the system is alerted.
  • The “Border Guard” acts as an electronic perimeter around your complete site and can be moved from one spot to another. You can determine daily what you want protected.
  • Tattletale can be armed and unarmed remotely from your mobile device.
  • Tattletale goes with the Contractor from site to site. No hardwiring.
  • Tattletale can work off of an electrical outlet, a marine battery or deep cycle battery. Tattletale also has the longevity of 20 hour battery backup, once it’s fully charged.
  • Should a break in occur, the system automatically notifies the designated individuals via text and email of the breach.

The applications Tattletale has to offer are endless, with our 2 Year Warranty, you have nothing to lose except your assets.