I recently attended a trade show and found myself dumb founded while speaking to couple of realtors about “SQUATTERS”!  As a realtor or new home builder, Tattletale would be the perfect tool to offer clients and new residential home owners as a means of protecting their property once they have either moved out or are planning on moving in.

I never gave Squatting a second thought and it was something that happened eons ago. But, apparently it can still happen today. In reviewing the news today that’s exactly what happened to Kelly McGillis at her country home.

If you personally have a secondary home that’s only seasonal or a residence that’s on the market “For Sale” I’d highly recommend taking precautionary measures to secure it.

The Tattletale portable wireless security system is not only ideal for your primary residence but also a must for vacant property. Tattletale can be set up in the remotest environment and it’s easy to Do It Yourself. Therefore, some of the oldest of homes or cottages won’t need to be hard wired and can be done at a fraction of cost compared to other security systems. Its cell burst technology can notify you within seconds of an intruder. Here’s just how easy it is. (website)

Don’t let something like this happen to you.

There is a means of protecting yourself from “Squatters”.   Tattletale protects you, your belongings and your property!