What would you do if this were you?  Neighborhood homes being broken into in the middle of the night while the victims are home and asleep.  What if that unfortunate person or their child woke up unexpectedly and found themselves face to face with the intruder?


This is the same neighborhood where kids were rummaging through unlocked vehicles in peoples driveways and stealing their belongings.

I do however, have a question for these individuals that have security systems cameras and got footage of these burglaries. How did that work for you?  If you currently don’t utilize a security system for your home you may want to consider one.  Even with a security system it’s essential to lock your doors and windows in both your car and your home.

Nothing is foolproof.  Although, having something is better than nothing. I’ll take a security system over surveillance cameras any day of the week. I’d rather be woken by the sound of an alarm system that would scare criminals away rather than wake up to some intruder in my home. Think about it.