Well it’s that time again. The time you and the whole family have been waiting for……the ultimate VACATION!

With all that excitement going on, we here at eGuarded would like you to take a moment and review these few safety tips to make sure everything at home is safe while you’re away.

Security is our main concern, so first and foremost be sure to turn on that alarm system. If you don’t have one, “Shame on YOU”!  However, it isn’t too late. eGuarded offers a Do It Yourself (DIY) portable wireless security system that can be installed in minutes. No need to waste your valuable time waiting for someone to install it. Here take a look.  See how easy it is to install our DIY alarm.

Here are our recommendations that people commonly forget.  Be sure you……

  • Notify your neighbors that you’ll be away and when you’ll be returning so they can keep an eye on things, if that’s not possible have a friend stop by periodically.
  • Stop or have your mail and newspaper picked up, also have that friend make sure the front entry way is free of flyers/ parcels.
  • Lawn Service, here in Florida it’s a dead giveaway that no one is home if your lawn is left unkempt for over a week. Make sure it’s tended to. That includes watering outdoor plants too, if necessary.
  • Keep shades drawn to limit visibility inside your home from the street
  • Turn the AC up 5-7 degrees, my AC guy said in Florida no more than that or you could risk mold.

The most important thing “NOT” to do and be sure to inform your children… “DON’T POST THOSE FABULOUS VACATION PIC’S ON SOCIAL MEDIA”.  Wait until after you are home.  This can be the biggest mistake people make especially since you’ve gone to all the trouble of making sure everything at home is secure.

Now you can get on with your packing. Here’s a little something to help you along with your vacation packing list.  Have you considered a portable surge protector for your laptop or cell phone while on vacation?

Have a safe and wonderful vacation!