Well it’s that time again. Another summer has come and is nearly gone.  You know what that means, “Back to School.” Most elementary, middle and high schools have already started here in Florida, which gives college students a bit more time to prepare for the upcoming semester. When it comes to planning, I’m certain protection and security are the furthest thing from their minds. That’s why I’m reaching out to the parents and guardians of those students who will be attending college this year.

Did you know that eGuarded offers a portable, wireless, security system using cell burst technology that can be activated while school is in session and deactivated when it is not?

  • Protect loved ones whether they live alone or with one or more roommates
  • Features an arm and disarm program that can be turned on and off remotely using a paired mobile device
  • The mobile device provides a history of who’s coming and going via text or email
  • The security unit has the capability of programming 95 separate sensors to the base
    • Glass breaker
    • Window and door sensor
    • Motion detector
    • Smoke detector
    • and many more options
  • The key fob provides additional protection with its “PANIC BUTTON”
    • PANIC BUTTON” alerts authorities of an immediate response situation

 “HOT SPOT” is one outstanding option that allows the device to provide an additional layer of security. Enabling this feature allows it to protect valuables like jewelry, cash, credit cards and personal information. These valuables can be placed in a drawer, gym bag or a purse and by applying “HOT SPOT” the owner will be notified of any uninvited intrusions, even while the system is not activated.

For less than $1.00 a day you will have the comfort of knowing your loved ones and their valuables are being protected.