Uninvited guests reeking havoc for vacation home owners… Squatters, it’s a crime!

Whether you reside in your primary residence year round or have a property you may only live in for part of the year, you could fall victim to “Squatters”.

Squatters are arriving in increased numbers and taking over neighborhoods. They show up in abandoned homes, vacation properties and even on large parcels of land. In one case, a St. Augustine property owner was surprised to find a Squatter Village where a couple had actually taken up residency and lived on his lot in a camp like setting.  Not only did they steal electricity and water, they had been burglarizing his laundry room for over a month.   Read about it here

In several Las Vegas communities, Squatters are holding neighborhoods captive. Children are afraid to go out and play and homeowners had to turn off their front yard spigot in order to keep Squatters from boldly coming up to the front stoop and running their hoses for water.

Don’t allow Squatters to encroach on your property. Protect it while you’re away with a portable wireless cellular security system. When the protected property is intruded upon, an alert is sent to the property owner, property manager or Realtor (whomever you choose) immediately.  How immediate?  Within 10 seconds!

The border guard can protect a property line from trespassers and avoid camp set ups like the one in St. Augustine.

Don’t become another victim, be aware and protect yourself from costly squatters.