With summer in full swing all around the country, “Construction Jobsite Security” is an absolute must in preventing this thievery. Whether it be onsite construction theft or in your shop, the theft of tools, trucks and other supplies that contractors and sub-contractors use to complete their projects, can be prevented.  Read about what happened in Johnson City, Tennessee. Take into consideration what Mr. Hughes stated in this article, “To make $100,000 in clear profit – just doesn’t happen in a few months, that takes years.”

Surveillance cameras do a good job of showing you an outline of who’s stealing your belongings and may give you a time frame for when the act took place. But, is that really enough? Of course not.

It certainly wasn’t the answer in this unfortunate situation from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Not only are you out these tools, now you’re looking at down time to finish your project. What about your payroll? How about the time it’s going to take for you to inventory and replace all those assets?  Let’s not forget about the insurance claim, those high deductibles and then an increased premium due to the loss.  Can your business survive?

Why not avoid those headaches and consider utilizing a portable wireless security system with “Cell burst” Technology. This device can notify you within seconds of an intruder. It can be used to protect not only the jobsite but also your shop and the parked vehicles around it.

Consider protecting your assets with our portable, wireless alarm system.