Could any of this have been prevented? eGuarded has you and your family’s best interest in mind every time we suggest background screening. We would like to remind everyone that it is acceptable to request a background screening for any vendor you are allowing into your home, business, and in this case a child day care center.

The eGuarded challenge to every business is to be as transparent with your customers as possible. Let them know you verify background information for every employee who is scheduled to enter their home, business, or school. Building trust with potential and existing clients by advertising that you verify every employee for the benefit and safety of your customers will help increase revenue while giving you a competitive advantage over those who are not performing the same checks. Protecting your business costs less during the hiring process than the possible repercussions you may face if an employee with a questionable background commits an offense on company time.

The details of this story can and will be quite disturbing to some, but the warning signs are all there and need to be adhered to.

James Ballone has a Criminal History dating back to his early 20’s from New York State. Certainly a background screening would have alerted his customers that “This is not someone you want to hire or allow in your home.”

As for the young woman with children that he employed……is it now necessary for the employees to screen potential employers?

Background screening is a common sense solution to a real world issue.

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