We frequently see situations where initial screenings were done, but were not necessarily complete. If you don’t know what information to ask for on a background check, how do you know you’re getting the whole story. That’s why the team at e-Guarded takes a consultative approach by asking what’s important to you. All background checks are not created equally.

In a previous article we wrote about how an eGuarded applicant thought they had a 50/50 chance of getting past our background check. What wasn’t indicated in that article was that the applicant was currently employed at a local bank. This is a true testament to all background checks not being created equal. Recent conversations with bank employees point to a change in how they may be changing their pre-employment screening; looking back further than the standard seven years.

Every day in the news we hear about “Breaches”, these are not always financial in nature and encompass a wide array of informational data points that are being compromised.

What is a breach?

When we hear that word the tendency is to think that it is always financial in nature, unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.  An employee may breach the company code of conduct by lying about a situation that materially affects an organization. For instance sharing company trade secrets, profit margins, or cost of production are all considered a breach. Knowing that these infractions may or may not have existed in the past when reviewing applicants is imperative to any businesses survival.

elderly-man-on-benchHere’s a great article showing how a bank employee was able to breach an elderly customer’s confidence while stealing nearly $38,0000..

According to the Atlanta Police Department, Desiree Hodge took advantage of the customer’s trust in order to scam him out of thousands of dollars. Police said the customer trusted Hodge so much that she was the only teller he would deal with at the bank.

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