The statistics are shocking when looking at the loses from theft within the construction industry.  According to Construction Crookthe National Insurance Crime Bureau theft of heavy equipment alone tops $1 Billion in annual losses. This statistic does not take into account hand tools or materials that can be easily removed and sold through outlets like Ebay or Craigslist online.

There was a time when job sites used to be secured by security personnel, guard dogs, or perimeter fencing to prevent unauthorized access. As the industry continues to grow some of these options are no longer a financially feasible or all encompassing solution.

Technology has moved in to securing job sites with the advent of low cost security cameras, GPS tracking devices, and access control systems (think household alarm system in an open air environment). These are fairly simple and easy to understand and generally include wireless capability using cellular networks.

Construction thieves tend to look for the easiest targets with little to no barrier to entry without being noticed. If a site is not secured or shows no visible sign of security a thief will choose that site over one that may appear to be well monitored.

We hear the argument time and time again that cameras are in use and the thieves will be easy to identify. Being able to identify the perpetrator is great; imagine if you could stop them before they are ever able to leave the site with one piece of equipment or load of building materials.

copper    Attaching one or more Tattletale devices to monitor a storage trailer, piece(s) of equipment, pile of materials (ex.spool of wire), or a delivery of appliances waiting to be installed could save an organization tens of thousands of dollars every year that may normally be lost to theft. The great thing about these products is that they are able to work around the clock and call law enforcement the moment anything they are attached to is disturbed.

What if you were able to protect multiple job sites/locations within an 800,000 square foot area using one device and a few simple sensors?  One portable device can handle all your security needs no matter whether one or multiple sites within 10 miles when using signal repeaters.

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