This “scary” news report is a perfect demonstration that surveillance cameras are not alarm systems. Recording an activity is not the same as sending an immediate alarm to local law enforcement – as well as – to yourself. Had this home owner [locked their doors!] installed an alarm system along with the surveillance cameras, the home invaders would not have walked through the home with impunity. The home owner’s solution? Install new locks! Although installing new locks may sound like a reasonable solution, it is only a portion of implementing an overall security strategy.

Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Always lock your doors – burglars are lazy and will follow the path of least resistance
  2. Install motion detection lights – burglars hate light
  3. Install an effective and reliable alarm system with audible alerts – burglars hate noise
  4. Ensure that your alarm system automatically alerts law enforcement – burglars really dislike  cops
  5. Place “alarm signs” on your property – burglars know this may be false advertisement by the home owner; but, they will think twice before attempting entry into you home


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