Fraud and theft are no longer limited to the financial sector.  Embezzlement is everywhere, from your local non-profits to high paid government officials. These thefts amount to more than one-hundred billion dollars in losses annually. Take a look at this local non-profit director who embezzled $47,000 from a charity that provides temporary assistance to families in need.

Jack L. Hayes International’s 28th Retail Theft Survey reported for 2015 that “one out of every 38 employees were apprehended for theft from their employer.” Most retailers I’ve spoken to say, “The number one loss comes from their employees.” Just take a look at these statistics.

There is no way of predicting who’s going to steal from you but the best practice when hiring is to do your due diligence with a thorough background screening and a drug test. This not only protects you, it also protects your employees. More importantly just by indicating that you background screen may eliminate some of the applicants you’re considering. The same guidelines apply with drug testing. Your minimum wage new hire may not be able to support an illegal drug habit.

  • Hire good people
  • Contact previous employers for references before you hire. If someone lies on an application, more than likely they are not going to be honest working in your establishment
  • Credit checks can also be a determining factor when you hire a cashier who may be handling large amounts of cash at the checkout

When I was a manager at a retail clothier we had a policy in place that I happened to witness yesterday at a large retail chain. The cashier was ringing up an employee purchase in line in front of me and afterwards the cashier escorted the employee to the door and did a hand bag and shopping bag inspection. I have to admit that took me by surprise.

The bottom line here. Whether you “check them out” before leaving the store or you don’t, one thing you should be certain to do is “check them out,” before you hire! The holiday staffing season is upon us and it is more important than ever to screen your temporary workforce.

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