While prospecting for clients for our state of the art, wireless, portable security system, I am often told by the business owner, “we have security cameras, and we don’t need anything else.”

I agree that surveillance cameras can be effective when working in combination with an alarm system. Cameras can only record events that have occurred – past tense – and are not necessarily designed to notify authorities when there are suspicious events happening. Alarm Systems are solely designed to “monitor and notify” when bad things are happening. The most important aspect of eGuarded’s Tattletale system is the wireless, portability and undefeatable components of the system. No hard wires to cut and the system are indestructible. Even with a shotgun blast, it’s performance keeps on functioning.

Security Cameras Aren’t Quite Enough

Here are three perfect examples of security cameras at work. In the first one, I have to admit the cameras worked incredibly well in the apprehension of this bank robber. Therefore, I would consider a “GOOD” utilization of security cameras. Take note this criminal was apprehended due to lack of a mask or disguise in carrying out his mission. http://www.hcso.tampa.fl.us/About-HCSO/Press-Releases/Releases/2016/November/16-493.aspx I have to ask myself, was this person just looking for three hots and a cot? Because he certainly got it.

In the next “BAD” example. A rather fuzzy photo of a well-disguised individual who broke into 16 storage units. http://www.hcso.tampa.fl.us/About-HCSO/Press-Releases/Releases/2016/December/16-514.aspx unless someone can identify the logo under his disguise this individual will likely get away with this crime.

Last and certainly not least. The “WORST” utilization of ONLY security cameras would have to be this smash and grab from a local firearms dealer. http://www.hcso.tampa.fl.us/About-HCSO/Press-Releases/Releases/2016/November/16-509.aspx Not only did this business jeopardize their business they also compromised the safety of the entire neighborhood, city, and state.
Had this business owner been using our system, the broken glass would have been detected immediately, an alarm, as well as strobe, would have sounded within 2 seconds, the owner and authorities would have also been alerted within seconds there is a good chance these suspects could have been apprehended at the scene.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Think about it. Does your business warrant merely security cameras or a more sophisticated, customized security solution?……find out how.