In a recent local new story, an employee of a pest control company returned to a customer’s home looking for pills to steal. As scary as this situation may be there are steps you can take as a consumer and business owner. It’s worthwhile to keep your family and business are safe. From home service companies, medical offices, and retail cash handling organizations every industry can benefit from periodic background checks.


Before a company sends a representative to your home, you are well within your rights to ask if they background check employees.You may also want to ask how often they perform these checks. Is it a one time check upon hiring or possibly quarterly, bi-annually, annually? If you are not comfortable with their response you may always cancel your appointment and find another organization that has a background check policy in place.

Business Owners

Build customer confidence in your organization by having a background policy in place. One background check upon hiring doesn’t necessarily keep you up to date with what’s going on with your employees. If you are in the home services industry and are constantly sending employees to consumers homes a bi-annual background check policy will add extra value when setting appointments with your customers. If employees are aware of such policies they tend to be more honest when and if a mishap does occur. Think about how much bad press could cost your business just by the mention of your name as the employer in a news article. It’s always a positive to be able to explain when the media comes knocking that you have a rigid background check policy in place.

If you’d like to learn more about performing background checks on your employees, new hires, and ongoing checks please visit our background screening page or call us for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation @ 1.855.348.2736. eGuarded offers free account setup and pay-per-use, which allows you self-service to perform checks as often as you like.

Home Service Employee Found In Homeowners Bathroom

If you’d like to read more about this home invasion follow the link to NBC-2: