A recent Career Builder Survey shows that of 2,600+ hiring managers surveyed claimed they caught 66 percent of applicants lying about something. This goes to show that there is a need for truth in hiring for each and every applicant that passes through your businesses door.

Can you also believe that over half of the resumes’ out there contain false information? These lies mostly contain one of two things, either the resume’ embellishes their education/experience or hides criminal activity.

“Trust is very important in the professional relationships by lying on your resume’ a breach of trust starts from the very beginning,” quoted Rosemary Harfner, Chief Human Resource Officer at Career Builder.

The Truth In Hiring: There’s A Small Investment To Protect Your Business

The cost of a simple basic background screen through www.eGuarded.com is minimal compared to the damage a bad hire can inflict on a reputable business of any size. Some food for thought on this topic is the average cost of a bad hire for the following company sizes are as follows:

  • 500 or fewer employees: $11k
  • 500-999 employees:        $22k
  • 1000 + employees:          $24k

This doesn’t even take into consideration the effect an employee with publicized criminal activity can have on your business. Those costs above will skyrocket as a business attempts to rebuild its credibility with the community and current customer base.

The purpose of a background screening goes far and above criminal activity. Wouldn’t you like to find out if a candidate really is the best fit for your business and has the work history and credentials that they claim?

Not only does a quick background screen protect your company, it also ensures you’ve done your best to protect other employees and your customers. You’ve worked hard and long to build your business don’t let one bad hire take that away. A simple background check is the ounce of prevention every business needs.

When background checks reveal criminal activities it is up to the employer to reveal the outcome of that screening to the potential hire. Giving the prospective employee the right to make sure that the data is actually them and ability to dispute any findings within the report. eGuarded offers additional consultation to business owners on how to handle these sensitive situations.

Some employers may also look at screening differently. Deciding to hire someone with a criminal background that may not be that important to them depending on the position they are looking to hire for.  Example: Someone who lost their driver’s license for too many speeding tickets, may not be a risk to hire for a reservations specialist working from home.

However, it’s always good to lean towards the side of caution and background screen your employees, you’ll feel empowered having the truth in hiring behind each decision you make.

What you do know, can’t hurt you. What you don’t know CAN!

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