Moving Companies Be-Aware

If you are like most busy professionals it’s difficult to keep up with all the daily events happening in the news. More importantly, the NEW LAWS put in place will affect moving companies throughout Florida.

June 9, 2017, Governor Rick Scott signed a few bills that will be important to the state of Florida. The Governors crack down on sex offenders. The Florida Times Union reports, this law will go into effect immediately its intention is

“that this bill will keep the most violent sexual offenders locked up longer and close loopholes in a law that allows the state to send predators to a high-security treatment center even after they’ve finished their prison sentences.”

Moving Companies Have Until October 1st

By October 1st, all Moving companies will have to identify a sex offender on their crew to the homeowner or client they intend on moving. When a mover comes to your house, do you know who you’re inviting in? This should be a warning to all consumers for whatever business workers you have in your home not just moving companies. Take a look at this news story from NBC-2.  Some people think it’s hard enough for sexual predators to find work and this is a setback to their rights.

“Don’t do the crime if you can’t to the time and pay the consequences for your actions!”
As a moving company by not identifying in writing, that you have a sex offender coming into a client’s home, your company could be charged a fine of $5000.00. Can your business afford that? NBC On Air Report

At eGuarded we can help, by providing you the most through background screening for your movers and new hires no matter what type of business you may have.
If you’re moving don’t be blindsided by this new law. Ask the company this specific question. “Do you have any convicted sex offenders on my team and do you background screen your employees?” Get the full names of each moving company employee that enters your home and check them out. You can easily do so by getting online for local and national sex offenders.

When you move be sure you do what you need to protect your family and your future.