Although we like to believe the people we work with are trustworthy and safe, it’s essential to recognize the chance of crime happening in the workplace, which can take many forms. Taking precautions against employee crime can protect you, your company, and your employees. The first step to deterring crime in the workplace is acknowledging its existence. The following is just a sample of the most common types of crimes or offenses in the workplace.

Description of Crimes

The most common type of employee crime is embezzlement. The term embezzlement is considered the fraudulent taking of personal property by someone trusted with it. It is usually a misdemeanor; however, it can become a felony charge depending on the seriousness of the offense.

Sabotage can take place in many different forms. Sometimes, if an employee is unhappy or feels mistreated, they may seek to harm the business or another coworker in revenge. Sabotage can include wiping computer databases, or physical harm to employers or employees. The most common type of this kind of destruction is damaging a company’s reputation. This, unlike embezzlement, would not be considered a crime, but would still affect a company negatively.

When an employee has access to products intended for work and uses them for personal reasons, they are misusing the assets. Misuse of assets can be as minor as printing a paper at work that they forgot at home. At the moment, the misuse of assets may seem harmless; however, over time it can cost the company money. Employees usually don’t even realize they’re doing something wrong, so it’s essential to monitor your employees’ actions and give verbal warnings when necessary.

Sexual assault and discrimination are severe issues in the workplace. Sexual harassment can be as simple as an unwanted comment or joke. Any unwanted physical or verbal attention falls under the category of harassment. Discriminatory harassment is harassment used to make someone uncomfortable on the foundation of their race, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. To avoid sexual harassment or discrimination, make yourself clear when reviewing rules and company policies.

Vandalism can take place anywhere, including the workplace. Vandalism involves any form of deliberate destruction or damage to one’s property. It can also be a part of other crimes such as sabotage or harassment. One of the main ways to avoid vandalism in the workplace is by installing surveillance cameras to monitor your employee’s actions and an alarm system.

Protect your Employees and Company

Thoroughly background screen all your employees and check their references.  Install an alarm system and camera on the premise.  If it feels odd it is definitely a cause for concern.  Trust your instincts.