Background checks have become increasingly more important to employers than before. There are a variety of reasons why. The most prevalent reason is to ensure a safe working environment for employees, as well as your customers. A survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) revealed that 86% of employers believed security is their number one concern. Coming in second – at 57% – is to improve the quality of the new hire.

A thorough background check allows an employer to know who they are hiring. Making a hiring decision based on one’s resume or interview doesn’t always tell the full story about their past. A background report that may have some adverse information does not necessarily disqualify someone from a job. Rather it informs an employer so that a fully informed decision can be made. Bad hiring decisions can potentially lead to litigation, the loss of valued customers, and your profits.

Most, if not all employers, know that backgrounds should be conducted for all new hires. The reason why an employer does not conduct a background check on applicants is usually due to their perception of cost and the time takes to complete a background. Pricing is very competitive and our turnaround time for a background report should be 24 to 48 hours. (just for your information, an instant background check report is prohibited for employment evaluation purposes)

Technology, training, and diligence are at the heart of any good background screening company. Make sure you conduct your due diligence on hiring a background screening company.

We at eGuarded continue to lead with cutting-edge technologies that allow us to collect, identify, and verify records more efficiently. Our staff is continually trained to ensure that records are being identified and reported correctly pursuant to FCRA’s (Fair Credit Reporting Act) guidelines and regulations. Most importantly, the diligence given to each background by eGuarded’s staff provides the confidence our clients expect and deserve when processing a background check request.

We invite you to review SHRM’s link for additional insights into background checks and then continue to review eGuarded’s website for even more information about why background checks are necessary for every organization.

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