It doesn’t seem to matter where you live, whether it be Florida, Texas, Colorado or even Belize, if you own a boat or a boat trailer, you’re at “RISK!”

A Marco Island man stole a boat and then proceeded to smash it up, also injuring his partner in crime.

In the following article from Alabama, you will read about an individual brazen enough to steal a trailer and park it on the same street he stole it from.

The good news is we have solutions and alternative measures to prevent such theft.

Here’s some tips:

  • Park your boat and trail in the garage, out of sight from anyone passing on the street.
  • If a garage isn’t available, consider turning your trailer away from the street, butting it up against the house or garage to make it more difficult to access.
  • Park a vehicle behind your boat.
  • Don’t leave the key in it.
  • Take out all your valuables, remove anything that’s of value that may be attached to the boat.
  • Chaining your boat to a tree may seem like a good idea, however, all someone would need is a bolt cutter and that would be the end of it.
  • Get a security system that alerts you once your boat or trailer are tampered with, consider a Tattletale(alarm to website here)

Florida is #1 for watercraft theft. There are over 900,000 vessels registered in the Florida. The National Insurance Crime Bureau’s last reported figures for thefts in 2013 consist of this:

  1. Florida- 1,310
  2. California- 628
  3. Texas- 382
  4. Washington-208
  5. Georgia- 182

This month is reported by the Bureau to be the highest month for “THEFT.”

Be sure to utilize precautionary measures and protect your watercraft with our portable, wireless alarm system. It only takes a few seconds for it to be gone.