Boats on trailers are the perfect target for thieves. We have been seeing a lot of articles on how to protect your boat when it’s parked on a trailer. The recommendation has been, LOCKS, LOCKS and more LOCKS. That is an awful lot of LOCKS. Locking up your boat and trailer might seem like a good solution, however, keep in mind LOCKS can be cut and it happens every day.

A newly released study by Boat US Insurance looked at five years’ worth of claims filed. This study indicated that 75% of boats under 26 feet, with an outboard motor and attached to a trailer were the most vulnerable targets. Trailers parked in driveways, back yards or someone’s empty lot are the easiest to steal because of the wheels, which obviously make it easy to pull the boat and trailer away.

This study also indicated that only 10 percent of stolen boats are ever fully recovered.

Here in Florida, we happen to be the most unfortunate state when it comes to boat theft. That’s right we’re #1 in the Nation. Regional data shows that Miami-Dade is first in boat theft, followed by Brevard County then Palm Bay. California comes in second in the Nation followed by Texas, Georgia and Mississippi. Technically, states that border water make it easy to ship a stolen boat or just the parts out of the country.

Our portable wireless security system can protect your boat no matter where you park it.

  • The Rattler can attached to the trailer so that if the trailer is moved 6 degrees in any direction the alarm goes off and notifies you and the authorities instantly.
  • The motion sensor can be placed on board your boat, so that if anyone tries to get on your boat without your permission, you and the authorities are notified instantly.

These are just a sample of what our portable wireless security systems can do. For the complete line of products visit our website.

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