Next, to your home and car, a motorcycle, boat, or RV may be the next largest purchase you invest in. Summertime in Florida is peak boating season. Continue reading to find out how some individuals were affected by boat theft and what you can do to protect your investment.

With summer upon us boating theft once again begins to be on the rise. Florida is the number one HOT spot due to climate and people living on the water with boats on trailers and tied to piers. What are you doing to protect yourself? This isn’t the 1960’s where you leave you front door to your home unlocked, or leave the keys in your car unlocked (although some people do and the outcome isn’t good.) So why leave your boat open to vulnerability?

This young man of 19 found out the hard way, he hardly even had a chance to take out his $10,000 investment and now it’s gone. See the story here.

In St. Petersburg Florida, Commissioner Melinda Platcher warned everyone of a “situation” involving a boat theft in Vina del Mar. A new boat reported stolen, and the perpetrator is expected to be someone affiliated with the boating industry with the ability to make keys. In another incident, a resident reported someone circling their boat on a skiff, taking pictures of their new boat.

Report any suspicious non-threatening activity immediately to the local sheriff’s office non-emergency number.

Commissioner Pletcher recommended being on “high alert about your boats and keeping your keys with you.”

Certainly, no offense to the Commissioner, if a criminal is able to duplicate keys without having one present, having keys in your possession will not necessarily stop a crime from happening.  Does owning a new boat mean you’re going to have to be chained to it day and night due to the possibility that some suspicious activity the “MAY” occur?

Don’t Be a Victim Of Boat Theft

Of course not, you don’t want to live in fear. We can help, at eGuarded we specialize in portable wireless security systems. A wireless security system placed on or in the vicinity of your boat, motorcycle, RV, or other property. If the device recognizes that someone is tampering with your boat or personal property it will notify you within seconds

Think about it!

Months of time and energy researching and pondering which boat to buy ………$1000.00

Purchasing the perfect boat and trailer………………………………$10,000-$60,000

Having it an eGuarded wireless portable security system protecting your boat ………..”PRICELESS!”