What better way to cool off than on a boat?

Florida is still the number one state in the country where boat theft has the highest ranking. With Florida’s close proximity to water it makes stealing a boat and what’s on board a tempting crime.  Boat Security Concerns

With the close proximity to I-75 a getaway appears to be a rather simple task Widespread Boating Theft Throughout the State or maybe that individual is just looking for a joy ride. Joy Rides Are Still A Crime

Whatever the case may be, don’t be left on the dock with only a paddle. Invest in eGuarded’s wireless, state of the art security system for your boat and personal safety. Boat theft is beginning to become a sophisticated crime.  If you think for one second that a padlock or a chain link fence are going to protect your boat and trailers, think again.

Where there is a will, there will certainly be away.

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